Dryer Vent Superheroes

Franchise Fee: $39,000
Royalty: $750 or $1000 a month
Total Investment: $54,000 - $89,000
Can Be Home Based: Yes

Founded: 2021
Franchised: 2022
VetFran Member: Yes

A dryer vent cleaning franchise is a business that specializes in cleaning and maintaining dryer vents for residential and commercial customers. This type of franchise can be a lucrative opportunity, as dryer vents can become clogged with lint and other debris over time, which can lead to a number of problems such as reduced drying efficiency, increased energy costs, and even the risk of a dryer fire. Dryer Vent Superheroes is an excellent first time business for a young entrepreneur, a great family business, a good service model to use to build an empire of multi units and a great opportunity for someone coming from another service business or trade. It is affordable and you can get open in less than 30 days!

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