CRS Packout - Content Recovery Specialists

Franchise Fee: $55,000
Royalty: 10%
Total Investment: $135,300 - $294,000
Can Be Home Based: No

Founded: 2021
Franchised: 2022
VetFran Member: Yes

CRS Ė letís begin with what is ITíS NOT. Itís not calls at 2am to go board up a disaster, itís not hiring and retaining expensive skilled labor and itís not a large staff. Thereís nothing wrong with those businesses, but CRS is different and itís a niche. How? Hereís how, and hereís what we ARE: An insurance paid business model, meaning that you donít have to go through the hassle of quoting and bidding on jobs. A referred business model, meaning thereís no need for an expensive sales team, Salesforce, or social/Google Ads. A TRUE manager-run, semi-absentee model, meaning 10-15 hours per week once opened, and finally, a high margin (30% EBITDA) and high return on investment. ALL of that while also maintaining a business segment that is Amazon, recession, and pandemic proof.

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